Last December 20, 2015, the Miss Universe 2015 pageant was held in the shining city of Las Vegas, Nevada. When the competition started, the people inside the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino were very happy to see the more than 80 contestants from all over the worfinal TOP 3 where PIA herself was included, along with Miss Colombia and Miss USA.The tension in the atmosphere of the arena began to become thicker and thicker, until the last 2 women standing, whom were Pia and Ariadna Gutierrez from Colombia. So then, the host, Steve Harvey announced that Miss Universe 2015 was Miss Colombia and Pia was the First Runner-Up. ld. It was until the contestants were narrowed down into top 16, top 10, top 5, and the


After a few seconds however when Miss Colombia started waving to her fans and to her countrymen as a sign of great pride and victory, Steve Harvey came back to the stage and made a shocking apology and announcement that absolutely shook the world of PAGEANTRY. He announced that he made a big mistake, and it was announcing the wrong winner. Furthermore, he announced that the real Miss Universe 2015 was none other than PIA ALONZO WURTZBACH from the Philippines.


That’s where the tension even risen inside the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Pia couldn’t believe what happened that she stood still and shocked from the announcement of Harvey. With the help of the cheer of her fellow candidates and fans, she regained her composure and walk in front of the stage and wait for Miss Universe 2014 (Paulina Vega) to put the expensive magnificent Miss Universe crown into her head. Even though she was still a bit shocked for what had happened, Pia managed to register a big smile on her face and wave to her fans as the REAL Miss Universe 2015.