When talking about history, India is definitely rich on that. When the topic is all about breathtaking spots, India surely has a lot of them. Meaning to say, the beautiful country of India is a one-stop destination if you are quite interested about history and jaw-dropping sceneries. India is officially known as the Republic of India. It is a very historic nation that can be found in the south part of Asia. In terms of land area, it is deemed to be in the 7th place as largest country in the entire world. What’s even interesting about it is the fact that it has diverse terrains.

Knowing the Ancient India 

India is very famous because of the Mesolithic rock arts that existed here in the past and even up to this very day. In fact, archaeologists and historians found the ruins of Bhimbetka rock shelters in the country, particularly in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. This nation is the home of the Hinduism’s oldest scriptures known as the “Vedas”. If you are into history, you surely know what is a caste system. For those who do not know yet, caste system is a social stratification popularly used several years in the past, and it originated in India.

The Modern India

It was between 1848 to 1885 when the modern age of India has began. It is according to a lot of historians in the world. It was also the time when the demarcation and consolidation of sovereignty, the population surveillance, and the citizens’ education has began. Moreover, it was the time when telegraph, canals, and railways were introduced to the people.

India’s Great Biodiversity

In case you do not know, India has a great biodiversity. It has 6 percent of flowering plant species in the world, 12.2 percent of piscine, 6 percent of amphibian, 7.9 percent of reptilian, 13.7 percent of avian, and 8.6 percent of mammalian. There is no question about this thing since India is composed of 21.2 percent of land surfaces. It is even the home of numerous endemic living species such as the Nilgiri Leaf Monkey as well as the Beddome’s Toad.


These days, one of the major sources of income of the Indian government is the tourism industry. It is all thanks to the thousands of local and foreign tourists who are constantly visiting the amazing tourist spots in the entire nation. There are even some tourists who decided to stay here for good. Well, there is no one to blame here since India is really a worth-living country. Some of the breathtaking spots in India are composed of old Buddhism and Hinduism temples, beautiful beaches, soaring mountain ranges, amazing climate and a lot more.

As far as tourism is concerned, India is really one of the worth-visiting nations in the entire Asia and in the world, in general.

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