These days, there are so many people from all over the world who are targeting the continent of Asia as their vacation destination. There is no question about that since Asia has a lot of things to offer when it comes to tourist attractions. Mesmerizing white sand beaches, beautiful and historic architectures, very friendly people, amazing landscapes and waterscapes, abundant nature, enchanting mountain ranges, name it and Asia surely has it.

One top tourist destination Asia has to offer is the beautiful and historic country of Malaysia. It is actually located in the southeast part of Asia, and it lies within the Malaysian Peninsula and in some parts of the breathtaking island of Borneo. It has a total of 330,803 square kilometers landmass, which has the South China Sea as the one that separates the East Malaysia and the Peninsular Malaysia. This country is just near to some other Asian countries like Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Indonesia. Because of this, it will be greatly advantageous on your part if you want to go to several countries in Asia apart from Malaysia.

The Capital City of Malaysia

Malaysia has a very beautiful and progressive capital city, which is none other than Kuala Lumpur. Locals and some frequent foreign visitors in the country fondly call the city on its initials, which is “KL”. KL is internationally known for amazing skyscrapers, and one great example is the Petronas Twin Towers. It is not just an ordinary skyscraper since it comes in a pair that stands straight and tall kissing the skyline of the famous vibrant city. It is made up of steel and glass materials, which enhance its level of sophistication and modernity. There are actually innumerable things that can be enjoyed in the city, making your Malaysia vacation experience extra memorable.

Taking Some Glimpse in the Interesting Rich Malaysian History

It was way back 40,000 years ago when human habitation was firstly sighted in the heart-stopping Malaysia. The very first human inhabitants in the entire Malaysian Peninsula were said to be the Negritos. During the 1st century A.D., settlers and traders from China and India, building some coastal towns and trading ports in the country. This explains the fact why the cultures of Malaysian people are associated with Chinese and Indian touches. Malaysians have even adopted Buddhism and Hinduism into their religion.

Without a doubt, Malaysia is a heart-stopping country that you should not miss visiting.